Staab Enterprises carries skateboard and longboard products. It started off with the creation of the Sydewynder wheel, which began as a small project until it gained interest from skateboard and longboard shops in Kearney and Los Angeles. It has then grown into a working product and has even been published in the Concrete Wave magazine. We will be carrying our brand new Sydewynder wheels once they are manufactured. The Sydewynder's brand new patented design features 36 urethane rollers that allow the wheel to roll forwards, backwards, and sideways. This combination not only gives the rider the ability to ride with complete control in any direction possible, but provides the smoothest slide possible. It also dramatically increases the life of the wheel. The Sydewynder will be released with a duro of 83a and 65mm diameter. More information and pictures of wheel will become avaliable on this site in the future!  

Check out our youtube channel here

Below is a video showing how the wheel is assembled. 

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