Sydewynder Wheels


Sydewynder Wheels
Sydwynder wheels are designed to allow the rider to ride with complete control in any direction and also provide the smoothest slide possible. The wheels will also last much longer than normal slide wheels as they are always rolling and never actually sliding. This makes it almost impossible for the wheels to flatspot, resulting in the same smooth and controllable slide everytime.

Detailed Description
Sydewynder wheels not only look awesome, but they work very well. To help give you a better idea of how the Sydewynder preforms and feels here is a detailed description to answer your questions! 
The patented design was made for many purposes such as saving urethane, rolling in any direction, providing the smoothest slide, and many more. To ensure the wheel rolls smoothly forward and backward and remains stable, each 1 of the 36 83a duro urethane rollers has a barrel shape and every other roller is staggerd around the wheel. The combination of the barrel shape lined up with the staggered rollers allow the out side of the wheel to form a perfect circle. Take a look at these pictures to help visualize it. The rollers have enough friction within them that they take quite a bit of force for them to roll sideways just like getting a normal wheel to slide. This ensures that they won't roll when you don't want them too.

This is a CAD drawing showing the front view of the wheel. As you can see the yellow rollers make a perfectly round circle around the outside that provides a smooth ride! The three turqoise rollers at the top are highlighted to show they are staggered in the next row.

Here is the same drawing from a different view. This view helps show how the turqoise rollers are staggered to make the wheel round.

This video shows the wheel being assembled.

Here is a clip demonstrating the Sydewynder's ability to move in any direction. 

Future Products

The release of Sydewynder wheels will be the first of many products to come. More skateboard and longboard products as well as a clothing line are planned for the near future. 

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